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Kavamore Press offers a wide array of services to meet your paper good needs and probably a few things we haven't even thought of yet. By working with our small business, you reap not only the good conscience of supporting a family-owned business but you experience the joy of working with someone that truly cares about you and your project. We are here to make sure your project runs smoothly and is flawlessly created.

Need Services?
letterpress printing
offset printing
étiquette advising

Got Design?
Great, we love working with designers or even lovely people with a friend or brother that is doing their design. We will happily advise you (or your brother) on how to make your designs letterpress-compatible. Hate doing tedious pre-press work? Never fear - leave it to us. If it's something basic that can be done lickity quick, consider it done. If you need color traps built or illustrations translated into press-ready artwork, we can provide you with an estimate for pre-press charges.

Where to begin?
Whether you've got a vision and just need to see it realized or don't really even know where to start, we are just the folks to help. We can exchange emails, phone calls or even meet lucky locals in person to brainstorm your project, design and/or illustrations. Once we have parameters for the project, you'll be provided with a complete estimate for the printed goods including design & illustration fees. The design fee usually includes a rough of the art/design direction and a proof of the design with one round of text and art edits. This is typically sufficient to get most designs press ready. Design or text edits beyond this will be subject to hourly fees.

The New Green Thumb
Here in our studio, we are working towards preserving our beautiful world by reducing waste and toxins and using sustainable goods. We are literally living in the print studio, so why would we want to use gnarly, unnecessary chemicals? Instead, we opt for vegetable-based solutions. While we can print on any kind of paper, we prefer to use 100% cotton rag (tree-free) paper and envelopes with minimally 30% post consumer waste. All paper scraps are dutifully recycled. And we've even done away with the majority of our office waste by using electronic correspondence and invoicing. Everyday we make strides in being greener while still growing splendid paper things.


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